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Videos, Flyers und anderes Material rund um unsere Produkte


Screenshot video for VC Z series using ARM/Linux and programmable FPGA (ZYNQ).
Vision Components' VC Z Series mit ARM/Linux
A smart idea video preview
Vision Components - A Smart Idea
CARRIDA ANPR/ALPR software engine for ITS/traffic applications: number plate recongized on LEGO train.
Demo: CARRIDA - ALPR/ANPR Software Engine!


Video explaining CARRIDA SW engine for ANPR/ALPR easy to integrate.
CARRIDA - Embedded ALPR/ANPR Solution, einfach zu integrieren
Video of CARRIDA CAM showing examples for outdoor ITS/traffic applications.
Shelf: Embedded vision for logistics, warehouse automation and traffic surveillance.
Embedded Vision für Logistik, Verkehr und Überwachung
Solar panel: Embedded vision for semiconductor, photovoltaics and electronic industries.
Embedded Vision für die Solarbranche, Halbleiter- & Elektronikindustrie
Blister pack: Embedded vision for pharmaceutical industries.
Embedded Vision für die Pharmaindustrie
Milk + eggs: Embedded vision for food, beverage and packaging industries.
Embedded Vision für die Lebensmittel- und Verpackungsindustrie
Screenshot: Decoding bar code very fast.
Fast Barcode Reader: EAN, UPC & many more!
Screenshot video: What is a smart camera?
What's a Smart Camera?
Screenshot helicopter control
Screenshot motion analysis: golf player
Screenshot medical motion analysis (walking man with cane).
Medizinische Bewegungsanalyse
Screenshot 3D measurement
3D Vermessung
Screenshot motion analysis/people tracking/traffic surveillance
Bewegungsanalyse in der Verkehrsüberwachung
Screenshot color align control/register mark control
Screenshot business card: VC Smart Finder software tool for pattern matching tasks.
VC Smart Finder Software erkennt Visitenkarte
Screenshot video for VC Smart Finder software tool for pattern matching tasks.
VC Smart Finder Software Demo erkennt Muster
Screenshot video for VC Smart Reader software tool for decoding DMC, barcodes etc.
VC Smart Reader Demo erkennt Datamatrix Codes