Embedded Vision Applications

From quality inspection to the Smart City

As one of the market leaders in the field of embedded vision technology, we offer solutions for a wide range of embedded vision applications. Embedded vision systems are used in applications from the basic component - the board camera - to fully integrated OEM solutions with customised lighting and optics. Numerous other embedded solutions are open to you with our highly flexible VC MIPI® camera modules.

The possibilities of using embedded vision for industrial and non-industrial applications are almost unlimited. Areas of application for VC Z embedded vision systems include quality inspection, manufacturing control, number plate recognition , motion tracking, code recognition and 2D and 3D measurement technology. Our VC MIPI® camera modules are particularly suitable for multi-camera applications such as autonomous driving.

Applications and tasks for embedded vision:

  • 2D and 3D measurement technology
  • Code reading: 1D (Barcode) + 2D (Data Matrix) 
  • Contour detection: independent of rotational position and concealed objects
  • Completeness check
  • Positioning and Alignment
  • Product Inspection
  • Number plate recognition
  • Park management
  • Access control
  • Multi-camera applications
  • ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)
  • Autonomous driving
  • Drones
  • Smart City applications
  • Robotics
  • Medical technology: e.g. identification of medical tools
  • Laboratory automation
Webinar on Embedded Vision

Bring embedded vision to your projects

Jan-Erik Schmitt, Vice President of Sales at Vision Components, demonstrates multiple ways to bring embedded vision in hardware designs.

Video: What is an Embedded Vision System?

What is an embedded vision system?

The three basic components of an embedded vision system are an image sensor, a processing board/processing unit and an interface board or interfaces.

Video: Inspirations for Embedded Vision Solutions from Vision Components

Possible embedded vision applications: as stand-alone interferometer, for motion analysis, stereo vision, code reading, 3D laser triangulation, recognition of biometric data, number plate recognition, surveillance tasks, AGV/self-propelled vehicles.

Embedded vision applications for MIPI cameras

The VC MIPI® camera modules are ultra-compact and easy to integrate embedded vision systems that offer OEMs a wide range of applications thanks to the CSI-2 interface. They are available with different image sensors according to customer requirements and are compatible with a wide range of popular single-board computers: NVIDIA® Jetson™, DragonBoard™, all Raspberry Pi® boards and all 96Boards. This allows flexible configurations for embedded vision applications.

The VC MIPI® camera modules are particularly suitable for multi-camera applications, such as autonomous driving or Smart City. In addition to industrial image processing, MIPI also enables applications in medical technology, the logistics sector, the agricultural industry and retail. In the past, many applications could not be realised with embedded devices due to a lack of suitable sensor modules.

MIPI camera module - 50 Cent

Ultra-compact MIPI camera modules

VC MIPI Embedded Vision Kit for Raspberry Pi

VC MIPI Embedded Vision kit for Raspberry Pi

Exemplary ideas for the use of intelligent cameras in embedded vision applications

Metalworking: Measuring the bending angle during die pressing

Sheet metal bending

The measurement of the bending angle during die pressing and other forming processes in metal processing enables a direct readjustment of the process and thus reduces the production of faulty parts. The LASER PROFILER VC NANO 3D-Z is used for these measurements.


Person recognition: Example driver assistance systems

Embedded vision driver-assistance system

In the vicinity of industrial machinery, people in the blind spot can easily be overlooked.

Retenua has developed a driver assistance system that recognises people by means of reflective protective clothing. The system detects reflectors on warning waistcoats with an infrared camera. An intelligent stereo camera of the VC-Z series from Vision Components is used for this purpose. 


Pick & Place tasks: Example of gentle component removal

Embedded Vision application pick and place 3D recognition system enables gentle removal of brake disc blanks

In pick & place tasks in the automotive industry, gentle removal of sensitive components is essential.

The image processing system developed by Wente/Thiedig GmbH recognises the position and orientation of the brake disc blanks to be removed, allowing them to be removed gently. The 3D evaluation is performed by intelligent board camera systems from Vision Components.

Fully automated defect detection: Example insulating glass

Embedded vision application in quality control of insulating glass. Fully automated defect detection in insulating glass production

In the production of insulating glass, it is important to detect scratches, coating defects, bubbles, inclusions and soiling as early as possible during the manufacturing process.

The Berlin-based company OB-Vision developed a testing system for fully automated defect detection that can be integrated into the insulating glass production lines. This uses an embedded vision system with several board cameras from Vision Components.

Precise portioning of food: Example fish fillets

Embedded vision application in the food sector: portioning of fish Automated portioning of fish fillets

Fish fillets must be cut into portions of exactly the same size before vacuum packing.

IBN Ingenieurbüro Bernd Neumann GmbH developed an embedded vision system that records both the volume and weight of the individual salmon fillets in order to determine the optimum cutting angle of the cutting device on this basis. An intelligent camera of the type VC40xx from Vision Components was used for this task.

3D measuring technology and 3D control tasks: Example laser triangulation

VCnano3D-Z laser triangulation sensor Precise 3D measurement and control tasks via laser triangulation

The VC nano 3D-Z laser profilers enable high-precision profile and dimension measurement as well as other applications:

  • 3D scan of objects of any size
  • 3D quality control
  • Volume measurement of food
  • Weld seam and adhesive bead guide

Reading of data matrix codes: Example surgical instruments

Application of embedded vision for noncontact identification of surgical instruments Non-contact identification of surgical instruments

How can surgical instruments be identified quickly and without contact?

A data matrix scanner developed by IOSS enables secure and noncontact identification of surgical instruments. Even "washed-out codes" can be read without problems. The core of the system is an intelligent board camera from Vision Components.


Multi-camera applications: Examples robot vision, autonomous driving

embedded VC MIPI camera modules with RaspberryPi 4B and Nvidia Jetson

The VC MIPI camera modules are particularly suitable for multi-camera applications thanks to their highly flexible configuration options. These include robot vision applications such as robot guidance, picking and code reading.

Other multi-camera applications include autonomous driving, drones, smart city, medical technology and laboratory automation.


Traffic monitoring systems

number plate recognition atto Systems Bulgaria ANPR solution for traffic monitoring in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian company atto-Systems has developed a number plate recognition (LPR) solution for Bulgarian number plates, in which the ANPR software library CARRIDA plays a key role. CARRIDA is a software development by CARRIDA Technologies, a subsidiary of Vision Components.

To the CARRIDA website

ANPR solution for access control

Embedded vision application - traffic control

The ANPR solution for access control developed by the New Zealand company Network Imaging Solutions (NIS) is based on the CARRIDA software engine from CARRIDA Technologies, a subsidiary of Vision Components.


To the CARRIDA website

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