Real-time angle measurement during metal bending in press brakes

Real-time angle measurement during metal bending

Measuring bending angles during sheet metal forming enhances quality of end products and efficiency of production. In this webinar, Jan-Erik Schmitt and Chief Engineer for Angle Measurement Devices Klaus Schneider from Vision Components demonstrate an OEM solution that can be integrated fast and easy with any bending machine. It is based on optical measurement with laser triangulation, does not require an external computing unit and has already been integrated with controls from CYBELEC, Delem, ESA, STEP AUTOMATION and Laimore.

Would you like to learn more about angle measurement in bending processes? Read more.

These topics will be covered in our bending webinar:

number one

Applications for angle measurement and advantages for metal forming processes

number two

How VC sensors enable real time adjustment of bending angles without external PCs

number three

Live-Demo of angle measurements and the new Mounting Detection Tool

number four

Integration into bending machines, for sensors as well as software and SPS-connection

number five

Questions and challenges in your projects, discussed with our bending experts

Speakers at the Workshop

Jan-Erik-Schmitt, VP of Sales Vision Components

Jan-Erik Schmitt, VP of Sales

Klaus Schneider, VC Chief Software Engineer Angle Measurement Devices

Klaus Schneider, Chief Engineer Angle Measurement Devices


24.10.2023, 11:30 Uhr

24.10.2023, 17:30 Uhr




Approx. 25 Minutes

The webinar will be followed by an extended Q&A session with VC's Chief Engineer for Angle Measurement Devices. Klaus Schneider will answer individual questions about angle measurement in bending processes.


Hands-on Workshop: FPGA Programming for Embedded Vision


9:30 – 17:00 Uhr

Ettlingen near Karlsruhe

149 € per participation

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