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Christmas is coming...

VC MIPI Camera Module | VC Repair Service with Repair Flat Rate

December 13

Tough luck?
No problem!
We will fix it, of course. And within the first 5 years even for a special repair flat rate!

VC nano Z-LED - Embedded Vision System with integrated lighting

December 12

Silent night, burning bright...
2019 was a bright year and brought us the VCnanoZ-LED with 6 LEDs!
Embedded Vision System with integrated lighting shortens development time and facilitates integration.

Kompetenz in Embedded Vision

December 11

For more than 20 years we make for new product engineering around the world - innovation & reliability are our basis for this.
At this point, we send a BIG THANK YOU to our customers!

Catch a glimpse over the Embedded Vision expert's shoulder

December 10

Made in Germany – catch a glimpse over the Embedded Vision Expert's shoulder and see new VC technology for our MIPI modules emerging...

VC embedded camera with cookies

December 9

... No need to bake your cameras on your own, we'll be happy to do this for you!

See here what else we have in the oven for you!

zweiter Advent bei Vision Components

December 8

Have a nice Sunday!

Santa Claus is looking for Vision Components

December 7

Many thanks to German cartoonist Ralph Ruthe!

Especially for you, here's what the say:

  • Santa: Annoying to start every single morning with scraping.
  • Reindeer: More to the left!
Santa Clause TUX

December 6

...Santa Claus is coming to town!
TUX can't wait for Santa...

Christmas Tree made from VC MIPI camera modules

December 5

Rockin' around the MIPI Tree...
2019 brought us a great deal of new MIPI camera modules!

TUX can't wait for Santa

December 4

Whether off the rack or custom-made - Embedded Vision Cameras are our specialty!

Just ask us, we're here to help you.

VC MIPI camera modul with candy

December 2

Many thanks & credits to Matthias Magschok from eyemotion.org for this great animation!

Animation: Development time of VC MIPI modules

December 3

Always on duty for our customers:
It takes about 480h development time for a VC MIPI module.

Don't miss out the VC online Advent Calendar!

December 1

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