Connecting multiple VC MIPI® cameras to NVIDIA® developer kits

Software support for Auvidea GmbH adapter boards

Auvidea J20 adapter board with VC MIPI camera modules The Auvidea J20 adapter board enables a quick start into embedded vision development

We offer software support for Auvidea GmbH adapter boards, which can connect multiple VC MIPI® camera modules to NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 and Xavier™ AGX developer kits.

Drivers are provided, enabling developers to start work on their embedded vision projects immediately. Auvidea's tested and validated J20 adapter board supports all available VC MIPI cameras. The VC MIPI portfolio features a wide range of machine vision sensors up to 20 megapixels and is constantly being expanded.

Notably, it also includes Sony Pregius IMX250 and IMX252 sensors, which have no native MIPI interface. The camera modules meeting the MIPI CSI-2 specification are manufactured by Vision Components with dowel holes for precise and repeatable mounting. Our 200-mm FPC (flexible circuit board) cables, which are especially developed for the MIPI camera modules, ensure interference-free data transmission at high bandwidths.

About Auvidea

Auvidea GmbH is a supplier of standard products in the field of digital data processing and a developer of customized hardware solutions, located near Munich, Germany. The company develops and manufactures in Germany and operates worldwide. It markets products for edge processing of visual data using artificial intelligence (AI).

Auvidea is a well-known manufacturer of video processors, encoders/decoders, and embedded motherboards (carrier boards), focusing on compute modules from the entire NVIDIA Jetson family such as Nano, TX2, Xavier NX, and AGX Xavier. Auvidea’s customers are located all over the world and work in various fields such as robotics, automotive, autonomous driving, communications, video processing, diagnostics, surveillance, and quality control. Auvidea has a fully automated in-house production line with 3D automated optical inspection (AOI) and is therefore able to produce large quantities at high quality standards as well as customized products. The manufacturer specializes in quickly and efficiently adapting standard products to customer-specific requirements using its in-house resources.

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