The new VC4067/NIR:

Near Infrared Camera for the solar industry

VC4067/NIR Near infrared image of a solar wafer with hairline fracture

VC4067/NIR Near Infrared Smart Camera is primarily for use with solar industry applications. Thanks to a unique sensor operation mode, the photo­sensitive technology ensures highly precise images at wave­lengths up to 1,100 nm. As a result, the camera is optimally suited, e.g., for electro­luminescence (EL) quality control tasks. It reliably detects and identifies defects such as micro cracks, shunts, and dis­connected fingers. In other sectors e.g. for applications in the security sector, the use of the VC4067/NIR is also optimally suitable. The resolution equals that of similar systems on the market without integrated intelligence. Unlike those, the cost-efficient VC solutions include all image processing electronics and do not require cooling systems.

Featuring an integrated 400 MHz processor from Texas Instruments, the VC4067/NIR has a computing power of 3,200 MIPS. The 2/3" CCD sensor has a 1,280 x 960 pixel resolution and provides a maximum frame rate of 14 fps and a freely programmable exposure time from 5 µs to 17 s. The VC4067/NIR posseses a RS232- and a ethernet interface as well as an external trigger input, that enables jitterfree acquisition even on high scanning frequences. Standard configuration also includes four digital PLC inputs and four outputs and an SXGA video output.

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