VC6210 nano:

Higher performance in an even smaller unit: New single board and standard nano cameras from Vision Components

VC6210 nano : New single board and standard nano cameras

The new Smart Camera VC6210 nano, a high performance, low-cost model, provides many advantages. A new addition to Vision Components' line of extremely compact image processing systems, the nano camera is based on a board that is populated on both sides. The units, which are equipped with 32 MB Flash and 128 MB DRAM, have more memory space than all other VC camera models. Featuring a 700 MHz processor and 5,600 MIPS, they are very fast and provide a high computing power.

The VC6210 nano camera measures 80 x 45 x 20 mm, while its sister model, the single board camera VCSBC6210 nano, measures 40 x 65 mm.

Both types are therefore ideally suited for easy integration into applications with limited installation space. Like all intelligent cameras from Vision Components, they independently execute all image processing tasks without an external PC. They feature an Ethernet interface and can optionally be equipped with an RS232 interface. Images are recorded by means of a global shutter CMOS sensor whose performance equals that of a CCD sensor, providing clear, high-resolution pictures even in extremely fast applications.

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