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VCSBC quadro:

Intelligent OEM multiple sensor camera

VCSBC multisensor DSP-based Smart Boardcamera for 3D vision.

4 sensors, each one connected with the intelligent board via flex cable - that's the new VCSBC quadro!

With ports for one, two, or four sensor heads, the VCSBC quadro is an economic platform for all kinds of multi-sensor solutions. With hat, this camera meets the requirements of both industrial and non-industrial applications.

It is, for example, an ideal solution for applications that require a high resolution along the x or y axis, since up to four sensor heads can be installed in a row. The intelligent camera synchronizes overlapping parts of pictures taken by neighboring sensors.

It compiles the individual pictures with a 752 x 480 pixel resolution (Wide VGA) into a complete 3.008 x 480 pixel image. The hardware design ensures synchronous operation of all connected sensors: a trigger signal initiates image capture at the exact same instant of time. The VCSBC quadro can therefore also be used as a low-cost stereo camera.

It provides 32 MB Flash and 128 MB DDRAM for program and image storage. The integrated processor has a computing power of 5.600 MIPS. An Ethernet interface and an optional RS232 interface enable integration into automation environments.