VC Power SoM

VC Power SoM:
FPGA Module for Flexible Embedded Vision Designs

Ultra-compact FPGA accelerator for fast and easy design-in and greater flexibility in processor board selection.
VC Power SoM mit Mini Modulen

Simplified electronics design, even with complex image processing

VC Power SoM is an FPGA-based hardware accelerator that handles complex image pre-processing, can be easily integrated into the design of embedded vision electronics and allows more flexibility in processor board selection.

Measuring only 2.8 cm x 2.4 cm, the tiny module provides image processing such as color space conversions, barcode identification, and data fusion of stereo vision and multi-camera applications.

Initially, VC Power SoM is available with open FPGA for customer programming and with demo applications. For series productions,

VC Power SoM can either be combined with an already available carrier board with multiple MIPI inputs and outputs. Alternatively, it can be integrated directly into the design of a mainboard as a building block.

VC Power SoM Overview

Quick facts

  • Powerful: 120.000 logic cells
  • Ultra compact: only 2.8 cm x 2.4 cm
  • Direct design-in or via carrier board
  • Flexible solution
Possible image processing
  • Color space conversion
  • Barcode identification
  • Data fusion (stereo / multivision)
  • AI models etc.
VC Power SoM in der Frontalansicht der Vorderseite mit Vermessung der Breite
VC Power SoM in der Frontalansicht der Rückansicht mit Vermessung der Höhe
Portrait Jan-Erik Schmitt

Looking for a custom FPGA accelerator or carrier board? Great!

We develop and produce customized variants according to your wishes and specifications.

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