VC MIPI  Camera Modules

MIPI CSI-2 Cameras for
embedded vision

Versatile, flexible and with the largest sensor variety:
Our VC MIPI® camera modules for numerous applications in industry and standard products
– developed and manufactured by us in Ettlingen, Germany!
VC MIPI camera modules
MIPI camera module VC MIPI IMX296 front side
VC MIPI camera modules dimensions front side

Tiny module, huge performance

Our ultra-compact MIPI miniature cameras combine high image quality, light sensitivity and capturing speed with robust design and best price-performance ratio. We are constantly integrating new image sensors, e.g. from Omnivision© and from the Sony Pregius® and Sony Starvis® series.

MIPI cameras made in Germany!
With your desired image sensor on request

All VC MIPI® camera modules are developed and manufactured by us in Germany. They are designed for professional serial deployment, manufactured with high-quality multi-layer boards and state-of-the-art production standards. You are looking for an individual MIPI camera with a specific sensor? Contact us, we will surely find a solution.
MIPI camera module VC MIPI IMX178 connector side
VC MIPI camera modules dimensions back side

Highlights of our VC MIPI Cameras

We offer the widest range of image sensors, from extremely low-cost MIPI cameras to high-end sensors with over 20 MPixel and with global shutter or global reset shutter. A selection of our most popular MIPI miniature cameras is shown below.
MIPI Modul IMX900
The world's first MIPI camera with SONY IMX900 image sensor. High image quality and light sensitivity up to the NIR range.
MIPI camera module VC MIPI IMX296
The best-selling VC MIPI® camera module, with optimal ratio of resolution, pixel size and price.
MIPI camera module VC MIPI IMX568
The follow-up to the IMX296, MIPI camera with 5 MPixel high quality resolution and global shutter in the smallest form factor.
MIPI camera module VC MIPI IMX565
High-end / mid-range MIPI camera module with SONY Pregius® sensor. 12 MPixel resolution for all professional applications.
MIPI camera module VC MIPI IMX462
Full-HD MIPI camera with SONY Starvis® image sensor and rolling shutter, universal and cost-effective.
MIPI camera module VC MIPI IMX335
Low cost MIPI camera module for all industrial / commercial applications. High image quality at a competitive price.
MIPI Ecosystem

Your embedded vision solution with the MIPI Ecosystem

VC MIPI® is more than a camera module – it is the combination of all components included in the ecosystem. With the large selection of image sensors, compatible processor boards and matching accessories, we develop your individual embedded vision solution.

What is a MIPI Camera?

MIPI cameras were originally developed for smartphones and other mobile applications. Although “MIPI camera” has become an established name, the term CSI camera is more precise, insofar as they use the MIPI CSI-2 interface (Camera Serial Interface-2) defined by the MIPI-Alliance (Mobile Industry Processor Interface Alliance)
for fast data transfer between camera sensor and processor board.
The interface is supported by numerous processors.
Meanwhile, the ultra-compact MIPI camera modules have also become a standard for industrial embedded vision applications, as they can be easily and flexibly integrated into numerous smart devices and systems.

VC MIPI® camera modules are specially designed for use in industrial applications and series products and are available with numerous image sensors, even with those that do not natively support a MIPI interface. Our MIPI CSI cameras are ultra-compact, price-optimized, long-term available and robust. With their 22-pin connector and various VC FPC cables with 15, 22 and 26 pins they can be connected to all common processor boards. Corresponding drivers are available in source code. Extensive accessories such as cable extensions, illumination and lens holders enable the fast setup of embedded vision solutions for all industries and applications.

Compatible with all common processor boards

The VC MIPI® cameras are compatible with most popular processor boards. They can be easily connected via the MIPI CSI-2 interface. The interoperation is tried and tested with many platforms.

MIPI Accessories

Drivers, cables, adapter boards and more, for a quick start into development.
Jan-Erik Schmitt - Managing Director Vision Components

You are looking for a MIPI Camera Module with your desired image sensor?

We develop and produce customized VC MIPI Camera Modules. Your prefered image sensor might even be on our roadmap already...

MIPI for industry
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Find the right VC MIPI® camera module for your project!

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