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Intelligent Cameras for Embedded Vision

made in Germany.
From the creators of the Smart Camera.

VCSBC nano Z Board Camera Embedded Vision System with programmable ZYNQ module.
Video Embedded Vision - preview image
Video Embedded Vision - preview image

All intelligent cameras of the latest generation feature a multi-core ARM platform with VC Linux operating system and free access to VC Lib computer vision library containing more than 300 functions.

We also offer customized OEM solutions with customer-specific modified lighting and optics.

ARM / Linux

The ARM-based board camera series follow the proved and tested quality of Vision Components: Thanks to the engaged processors the small power packs provide for top performance. The VCSBC nano Z series Smart Cameras come with a Dual Core Cortex A9. 
Like all VC Smart Camera models sensors from well-known manufacturers are included.

As an extra feature of VC Z series, the FPGA module, Xilinx's ZYNQ SoC, is programmable and thus able to boost the system's performance ernormously. This service is especially addressed to our OEM customers and guarantees for maximizing the hardware performance.

Board cameras

VCSBC nano Z Boardcamera Embedded Vision System with ZYNQ module.

VCSBC nano Z

Thanks to their high-end performance and being easy to implement, these extremely small embedded systems are perfect to integrate.

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Housed cameras

VC nano Z embedded vision system for image processing tasks.

VC nano Z

The simple nano housing of the VC nano Z series: A reliable housing that is featured of light-weight and size and is easy to integrate. The state LEDs are programmable and offer additional user comfort.

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VC pro Z embedded vision system incl. protect. case + lighting.

VC pro Z

The VC pro Z series offer an ideal protection for all applications in rough surroundings: Housing and M12 plug-in connector conform the safety class IP67.

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ARM Customized

ARM/Linux OEM Customized solutions from Vision Components.

Customized OEM solutions

Our diversified product portfolio builds the ideal base to react to individual costumer requirements.


Real-time checking with embedded systems by Vision Components!

The freely programmable Smart Cameras by Vision Components represent an ideal performance. The basis for this performance build the Texas Instruments® DSPs, that are used depending on the different models requirements. A huge range of available sensors and various hardware designs, like protective housings with external sensor housings or integrated optics and lighting complete the portfolio.

All DSP models are equipped with the specifically developped operating system VCRT. VCRT is a mulitasking real-time operating system, designed for industrial use. It is based on C++ and is freely programmable. Thus, the ideal inspection program can be designed for every application

Board cameras

VCSBC nano DSP-based Smart Boardcamera for OEM machine vision.

VCSBC nano

With their small form factor and high performance level, makes the VCSBC nano series board cameras the ideal, cost-efficient solution for OEM applications.

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VCSBC multisensor DSP-based Smart Boardcamera for 3D vision.

VCSBC Multi Sensor

Like all VC Smart Cameras, the Multi Sensor board cameras feature an intelligent design and excellent performance.

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VCSBC BASE DSP-based Smart Boardcamera series for machine vision.


The VCSBC Base series board cameras are small power packs, equipped with everything necessary for standard image processing tasks.

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VCSBC BASE DSP-based Smart Boardcamera series for machine vision.


The Smart Cameras with the certain something - that's the VCSBC Base+ series.

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VCSBC Optimum DSP-based Smart Boardcamera for stereo vision.

VCSBC Optimum

The VCSBC Optimum board cameras are enormously powerful and thus especially suited for applications that need to process data in high-speed.

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Housed cameras

VC nano DSP-based Smart Camera series for all machine vision tasks.

VC nano

These Smart Cameras are only 80 mm x 40 mm x 20 mm small. Despite this small form factor they integrate computational power of up to 5600 MIPS and resolution of up to 5 megapixels.

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VC6210 nano cube dual smart camera for stereo vision tasks.

VC Multi Sensor

The VC Multi Sensor models are based on the VC nano series and are equipped with 1 and 2 external sensor housing. Available are housings with and without IP65 protection, with and without integrated lens and high-power LED lighting. Cube and Tube can be connected to the CPU housing up to a length of 3 m.

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Smart Camera VC Base: DSP-based with standard housing.

VC Base

By developing these cameras, the aim was reducing it to essential components and still obtain the enormous performance. The VC Base models are primarily for use in production facilities, that don't require additionally visual monitoring.

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Smart Camera VC Base: DSP-based with standard housing.


The BASE+ series' embedded systems expand the Base models range and bring more power thanks to a 700 MHz TI-DSPs as well as a bigger selection of sensors. 

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VC Professional

Compared with the features of the Base models, the Professional Smart Cameras are equipped with extended capabilities to cope with all tasks quickly and reliably. These models are able to reach higher frame rates at equal resolution thanks to optimized electronics.

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VC Optimum DSP-based Smart Camera series for machine vision.

VC Optimum

Thanks to their powerful processor, the Smart Cameras of VC Optimum series belong to the fastest cameras in the world. They are therefore optimally suited for complex and time-critical inspection processes particularly with challenging surface, OCR reading and every kind of high-speed applications.

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DSP/VCRT Customized

DSP/VCRT OEM customized solutions from Vision Components.

Your customized solution

We gladly share with our customers our long experience and know-how in the field of developing Smart Cameras. Therefore, customized development is part of our business activities.

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3D systems

Intelligent 3D systems for all applications

With our 3D embedded camera systems you are ready for all applications: Our 3D systems are available as board cameras or equipped with housing, if necessary with protective housing, also with integrated optics and lighting or equipped with extremely small sensor housings.

Two different procedures can be used with them: The VC nano 3D models additionally feature a laser, the required values are provided via laser triangulation. All other models are equipped with 2 sensors for stereo vision.

VC nano 3D series for laser triangulation including smart camera.

Laser Triangulation with VC nano 3D

With the smart laser triangulation system VC nano 3D we offer new options in the field of machine vision: intelligent 3D machine vision also suitable for 2D inspection tasks!

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VCSBC nano Z-RH-2 boardcamera embedded system for stereo vision.

Embedded Stereo Vision Systems

All our cameras are suitable for stereo vision. They also serve as a basis for robot vision for example.
We offer both ARM-based stereo camerars and embedded systems with DSP.

to the 3D systems



In the field of software development we can look back on long time experience. Thus, we can offer the optimal operating system and several software packages specific to our customers.

Standard solutions for particular inspection tasks and application specific industry solutions are sure part of our portfolio.

VC Lib SW library with 300+ functions for machine vision tasks.

The VC Lib

The VC Lib sets no limits regarding the programming of inspection tasks. Besides several tailor-made inspection tools, our extensive library offers all possibilities for further development.

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VC Smart Finder SW tool for pattern matching machine vision tasks.

Der VC Smart Finder

The VC Smart Finder allows to identify structures by means of preset patterns. The object is recognized a hundred percent, no matter what object it is: e.g. bottle labels as well as complex components.

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VC Smart Reader SW tool for decoding 2D codes, DMC, etc.

Der VC Smart Reader

The VC Smart Reader identifies reliably 2D codes, e.g. data matrix codes and barcodes, and is enormously fast with reading rates of 150 codes/per second. Code detection and reading is not affected by  the code's shape and size, its rotation and illumnination - it doesn't matter if the background is bright or dark. Mirrored and partially covered or destroyed codes are reliably identified, too.

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VC Carrida ALPR/ANPR Software Engine.


The CARRIDA software solution is an efficient OEM library, that is easy to integrate in already existing monitoring applications. This software tools guarantees a reliable high-speed recognition of license plates.

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