Intelligent Cameras for Embedded Vision

made in Germany.
From the inventor of the first intelligent camera suitable for industrial use

Embedded Vision Systems

The comprehensive Embedded Vision Kit

Our embedded vision systems have a modular design, thus offering many options. Whether you need a MIPI camera module for maximal flexibility, one of our classical camera modules with CPU, a 3D triangulation sensor for high-precise 3D measurements and scans or a customized OEM solution: We accompany on your way to a perfect embedded vision solution! 

Which components for image processing do you need?

MIPI camera modules

Greatest flexibility and a large sensor variety

Cameras including CPU

Board cameras with ARM©/Linux©

3D Camera systems

For triangulation applications

Choose your way to the VC image processing system!

Embedded vision Kit
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MIPI Camera modules

Greatest flexibility for embedded vision applications

We offer many MIPI camera modules with MIPI specification CSI-2 for your OEM applications. The highly flexible VC MIPI® camera modules with up to 4 lanes are available with different image sensors, e.g. from Omnivision© and the Sony Pregius® und Starvis® series. 

The ultra compact VC MIPI camera modules can be connected to more than 20 single board computers, indcluding NVIDIA® Jetson™, DragonBoard™, all Raspberry Pi® boards, and all 96boards. You can use all processors with MIPI CSI2 interface and customized solutions with FPGA. We provide you with the required accessories like drivers, VC MIPI FPC cables, lens holders, VC MIPI additional boards, LED ring lighting, and polarisation filter.

Your are flexible to choose your software: You can use open source libraries, 3rd party software, Linux© etc.

VC MIPI camera modules with RaspberryPi 4B and Nvidia Jetson

Multi camera applications

MIPI modules are ideal for multi camera applications including mobile and distributed applications like autonomous driving, drones, Smart City, medical technology, and laboratory automation.


Intelligent cameras with CPU

Powerful image processing with Linux OS

Our camera modules with CPU are based on modern ARM processors and FPGAs. Image sensor, common interfaces and the processor with Debian-based operating system are completely accommodated on the board measuring only 65 x 40 mm. Variants with one or more remote sensor boards are also available. Common to all of them: the well-proven, industrial design, long-term availability and price optimisation for series application. This makes the programmable board cameras ideal for your OEM integration.

Many board cameras are also available as housed variants. For special requirements, they form the ideal basis for customer-specific camera developments.

Our board camera series differ in the processors used: While the VCSBC nano Z series is based on a Dual-Core ARM Cortex™-A9 processor with additional FPGA, the new VC DragonCam series uses a Snapdragon™ 410 Quad-Core processor. It combines roundabout 3-times higher CPU performance with a reasonable price.

Overview board cameras

VCSBC nano Z board cameras with sensor onboard

Our smallest board cameras with a footprint of only 40 x 65 mm.

VCSBC nano Z-RH board cameras with external sensor board

More flexible thanks to the remote head sensor board with only 24 x 18 mm.

VCSBC nano Z-RH-2 board cameras with two sensor boards

Ideally suited for stereo vision applications with a CPU board footprint of only 40 x 50 mm.

VCSBC DragonCam embedded vision systems with quad-core performance

Performance boost thanks to Snapdragon™ 410 processor from Qualcomm™

3D Camera systems for triangulation applications

Laser and intelligent camera integrated

The VC nano3D-Z laser triangulation sensors integrate laser and intelligent camera in an IP67 protective housing or are avaible as OEM kit for individual disigns. Our laser profilers are available from regular to XXL set-up covering different working distances or as custum designs. Thanks to the powerful blue laser module this sensor is extraordinarily insensitive to extraneous light, up to 100.000 Lux.

The software is freely programmable. The FPGA in the internal Zynq SoC module is used for laser triangulation tasks, so the freely programmable dual core ARM is completely available for application tasks. The 3D point cloud can be processed comfortably via the 1 Gbit interface on a PC. 

VCnano3D-Z intelligent laser profiler with blue high-power laser

3D Application examples

  • Standard tasks like profile and dimensional measure­ment
  • Weld seam inspection
  • High-precision weld seam and adhesive bead tracking
  • 3D scan of huge objects
  • Volume measure­ment of food
View our profiler sensors

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