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Your basis for image processing:
Real time checking with Embedded Systems by Vision Components!

The VC Lib sets no limits regarding the programming of inspection tasks. Besides several tailor-made inspection tools, our extensive library offers all possibilities for further development.

Comprising software expertise gathered in more than 30 years in the image processing field, we offer with the VC Lib a unique combination of algorithms refined and optimized for our embedded systems. VC Lib has proven itself in more than 120,000 installations in the industry.

Users can employ more than 300 VC Lib functions free of charge – without any additional costs for runtime licenses or other fees.

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Flyer - Three at one go: VC Lib, VC Power Lib, VC FPGA Packs - pdf - 1.00 MB

The VC Lib is ideal for:

  • VC Barcode Reader decoding reliably, fast and independent from rotation/position; 100 reading operations/second
  • highly optimized blob analysis
  • correlation with sub-pixel accuracy
  • numerous measuring functions
  • detection of circles (Hough circle) with accuracies up to 1/100 pixel
  • sub-pixel accurate edge detection
  • geometric transformation functions
  • multiple filter routines
  • debug functions
  • color conversion (Bayer to RGB, YCbCr etc.)
  • new rectangle finder function based on the Hough transformation
  • detection of edges and circles, etc. with accuracies under 1/100 pixel
  • contour detection/pattern matching
  • and others

Of course, you can expand the VC Lib with VC Standard Libraries like:

Constantly further development and optimizing our products is important to us, to keep our high quality standards. To our customer's benefit, we offer for all libraries constant software updates.

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