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CARRIDA - one solution for all applications!

CARRIDA is a software module for automatic license plate recognition primarily designed for kinds of ALPR/ANPR applications.

The CARRIDA software engine itself is hardware independent and running both Windows® and Linux® on PC  and ARM® architectures. With its flexible basis, our CARRIDA products operate reliably everywhere, where license plates are detected - worldwide.

Your options with CARRIDA:

Carrida Software Engine

More info about CARRIDA Software Engine

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CARRIDA Software Engine

This powerful OEM library is easy to integrate into existing ITS applications and recognizes reliably number plates/licence plates in high-speed.

CARRIDA Park Management Tool

More info about CARRIDA Park Management Tool

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CARRIDA Park Management Tool

OEM Software module for automated vehicle access control. The CARRIDA Software Engine recognizes the licence plates reliably, the system itself is a database GUI solution.

CARRIDA CAM pro Level camera system

More info about CARRIDA CAM Hardware Package

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CARRIDA CAM Hardware Package

The CARRIDA CAM power package is based on the VC Z series and combines all necessary components in one housing. The system is available with or without housing.

Infrared lighting module VC Flash for ITS applications

More info about VC Flash OEM infrared lighting module

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VC Flash

OEM lighting mo­dule with 24 high power LEDs for mobile and stationary ANPR/ALPR applications.

VC Q-Board: a

More info about VC Q-Board System-on-Module

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VC Q-Board

Upgrade your IP system quickly and easily with the VC Q-Board to get an intelligent ITS system!

VC Carrida ALPR/ANPR Software Engine.

Comprehensive documentation on CARRIDA engine and how to use it.

Click for online documentation

CARRIDA online documentation

This online documentation contains comprehensive information about CARRIDA engine and how you can use it.


CARRIDA - Embedded ALPR/ANPR Solution Easy To Integrate

CARRIDA - Embedded ALPR/ANPR Solution Easy To Integrate

Endre Tóth - Sales North and South Amercia - Vision Components

Your CARRIDA contact

We gladly offer our help in finding the perfect solution for your requirements. And if not available yet, we will develop it for you!

Sales Americas
Endre Tóth
Director of Business Development
Vision Components US Office
P +1 603 598-2588
M +1 603 55 77 122

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