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MIPI camera modules for embedded vision camera modules with CPU for OEM applications 3D camera systems MIPI camera modules for embedded vision camera modules with CPU for OEM applications 3D camera systems

Bring Embedded Vision into your products!

Powerful, compact and perfectly suited to your application: Vision Components develops and produces smart embedded vision systems. Our components and solutions have proven themselves for 25 years in numerous industrial and non-industrial embedded vision applications worldwide. From the invention of the first industrial smart camera to current technologies such as edge computing and artificial intelligence: we drive the development of embedded vision.

mipi camera modules for embedded vision

MIPI camera modules

Our MIPI camera modules combine maximum flexibility and a wide range of sensors. They can be used with all processors with MIPI CSI-2 interface. We supply the appropriate drivers and provide support in the selection of carrier board and accessories.

camera modules inclusive CPU for OEM applications

Intelligent embedded cameras including CPU

Our camera modules with integrated CPU and Linux-OS are based on modern ARM processors and FPGAs. For the OEM cameras you can choose between variants with sensor on-board, remote sensor, stereo board cameras and custom-design cameras.

3D laser triangulation sensor

3D camera systems

The 3D camera systems for triangulation applications are available for different working ranges from regular to XXL, on request also customised and both with and without housing.

Embedded Vision News

intelligent board VC picoSmart

Image capture and processing completely on the only 22 x 23.5 mm board!


Miniature embedded vision system

VC picoSmart® enables faster development of vision sensors

High-end MIPI camera modules for medical technology

We integrate additional sensors with high image quality, light sensitivity, and frame rates in our VC MIPI® camera modules


High-end MIPI cameras for medical technology

Focusing medical technology, diagnostic, and laboratory applications

MIPI drivers for NXP

Connection and support of VC MIPI® camera modules to the processors of the NXP Semiconductors i.MX 8M family


MIPI drivers for the NXP i.MX 8M family

As a NXP Registered Partner we support i.MX 8M Mini/Nano/Plus

MIPI camera modules

New camera modules with high image quality

Cover brochure: Ready for a smart future?

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