MIPI Modules Website
Smart Camera VC Base: DSP-based with standard housing.
VC nano 3D series for laser triangulation including smart camera.
VC6210 nano cube dual smart camera for stereo vision tasks.
VC6210 nano tube Smart Camera incl. protect. case + lighting.
VC nano Z - intelligent camera for image processing tasks
VC nano DSP-based Smart Camera series for all machine vision tasks.
VC Optimum DSP-based Smart Camera series for machine vision.
VC pro Z - intelligent camera with IP67 protective housing
VCSBC BASE DSP-based Smart Boardcamera series for machine vision.
VCSBC multisensor DSP-based Smart Boardcamera for 3D vision.
VCSBC nano Z-RH intelligent board camera for OEMs
VCSBC nano Z-RH-2 intelligent board camera series with two external sensor boards for stereo vision applications
VCSBC nano Z intelligent board camera with ZYNQ module
VCSBC nano DSP-based Smart Boardcamera for OEM machine vision.
VCSBC Optimum DSP-based Smart Boardcamera for stereo vision.

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