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Here you will find all videos for our smart camera applications.

You can also view these videos on our Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/VisionComponents.

Preview image of video for VC Z series using ARM/Linux and programmable FPGA (ZYNQ).
Vision Components' VC Z Series with ARM/Linux
Video: Inspirations for Embedded Vision Solutions from Vision Components
Inspirations for Embedded Vision Solutions
A smart idea video preview
Vision Components - a smart idea
CARRIDA ANPR/ALPR software engine for ITS/traffic applications: number plate recongized on LEGO train.
CARRIDA - ALPR/ANPR Software Engine!


Video explaining CARRIDA SW engine for ANPR/ALPR easy to integrate.
CARRIDA - Embedded ALPR/ANPR Solution Easy To Integrate
Video of CARRIDA CAM showing examples for outdoor ITS/traffic applications.
Embedded vision for logistics, warehouse automation and traffic surveillance.
Embedded Vision for logistics, traffic and observation
Solar panel: Embedded vision for semiconductor, photovoltaics and electronic industries.
Embedded Vision for solar, semiconductor- and electronics industries
Blister pack: Embedded vision for pharmaceutical industries.
Embedded Vision for pharmaceutical industry
Milk and eggs: Embedded vision for food, beverage and packaging industries.
Embedded Vision for food and packing industries
Barcode reader: Decoding bar code very fast.
Fast Barcode Reader: EAN, UPC & many more!
Preview image of video: What is a smart camera?
What's a Smart Camera?
Screenshot helicopter control
Helicopter control
How to use embedded vision: motion analysis of golf player
Motion analysis
Screenshot medical motion analysis (walking man with cane).
Medical motion analysis
Embedded vision application: 3D measurement
3D inspection
How to use embedded vision for motion analysis, people tracking or traffic surveillance
Traffic motion analysis
Screenshot video: color align control/register mark control
Color align control
Screenshot business card: VC Smart Finder software tool for pattern matching tasks.
Smart Finder Business Card
Screenshot video for VC Smart Finder software tool for pattern matching tasks.
VC Smart Finder - general
Screenshot video for VC Smart Reader software tool for decoding DMC, barcodes etc.
VC Smart Reader - general

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