Embedded Vision success stories

Exemplary ideas for the use of intelligent cameras in Embedded Vision applications

Case studies of Embedded Vision - let yourself be inspired

The revolution has only just begun: Embedded Vision offers a wide range of possibilities and potentials which in numerous companies are far from being exhausted. One of the greatest challenges for corporations and managers: To find out where Embedded Vision can be deployed functionally, usefully and cost-efficiently.

To inspire your creativity and your ideas, the following short case studies illustrate exceptionally successful examples of effective use of Embedded Vision. Be inspired!
And contact us, because customized camera solutions for OEMs and consulting on optimal embedded vision application are our specialties.

Angle Measurement in Sheet Metal Bending

Measure and control bending angles in press brakes

OEM systems for integration into press brakes

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Graphics: Driver-assistance system with embedded vision detects people wearing high-visibility clothing in the dark

Detected, protected!

Advanced Driver Assistance System with Embedded Vision

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Graphics of installed CARRIDA ANPR systems in Bulgaria, by atto Systems.

Reading License Plates and Counting Cars

CARRIDA software engine integrated into Bulgarian LPR solution.

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Square screenshot of CARRIDA park management tool.

CARRIDA Park Management Tool

Easy-to-integrate automatic parking management system.

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Driving cars on a street/traffic.

Flexible and accurate access management solution

CARRIDA software engine integrated into NIS ANPR solution.

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