Reading License Plates and Counting Cars

Carrida software engine integrated into Bulgarian LPR solution

Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System for Bulgaria

Fast, reliable and economic intelligent traffic monitoring systems enabling precise vehicle identification are in demand all over the world. In Bulgaria, atto-Systems, a provider of industrial image processing systems, developed a very cost-efficient comprehensive LPR solution for the domestic market based on a clever combination of OEM components and custom-tailored software. A key piece of the solution is Vision Components' ANPR software engine Carrida.

Graphics of installed CARRIDA ANPR systems in Bulgaria, by atto Systems.

In October 2015, 400 of these ITS systems were delivered to 200 locations across Bulgaria's road network. They perform a continuous traffic count, vehicle classification (10 categories, e.g. passenger car, motorbike, truck), speed detection and number plate rec­­og­­ni­­tion for vehicles travelling at a speed of up to 200 km/h in up to two lanes. Featuring a recognition accuracy of more than 95 % for Bul­garian number plates, the sys­tems are installed on purpose-made gantries and triggered by a ground contact in the road. At the heart of this system is Carrida, a very fast and precise ANPR software from Germany-based embedded imaging expert Vision Components, a long-term partner of atto-Systems.

Carrida software engine inside

The high-performance, hardware-independent OEM software runs on the Linux-based VCSBCnano Z board camera and features a typical recognition accuracy of more than 96%. Carrida has been widely deployed in ANPR applications and has proven to consistently achieve high recognition accuracy. It reliably identifies dirty, damaged or skewed number plates even in poor or changing lighting conditions. Carrida automatically recognises all plates displayed in one image and vehicle plates in several lanes simultaneously.

 Suitable for use with Windows- or Linux-based mobile or embedded systems, Carrida reads all common still image and video formats and is easy to integrate into existing security and surveillance applications. The OEM software achieves high recognition rates for number plates all over the world, despite considerable plate variations from country to country that often prove too challenging for conventional ANPR solutions.

Complete system optimized for Bulgarian roads

"Using Carrida on the Z-board embedded camera enabled us to implement a compact solution very quickly in a cost-efficient way. Due to our long-standing partnership with Vision Components, we know we can rely on the high quality and long-term availability of the hardware and software. And in using a more powerful hardware platform we are able to offer new functions, for example a non-trigger free flow version, to our customers in the near future."

Jörg Beutel Managing owner of atto-Systems

Atto-Systems have rounded off Carrida with a number of additional features to create a tailor-made, all-in-one solution for their client, including a pre-selection of image areas that likely contain a number plate – only these cropped image areas are sent to Carrida, thus allowing for more than 100 % faster image evaluation. The system also features a processing routine to handle peaks in demand, a blacklist/whitelist option and a streamlined user interface for easier setup of lanes and parameterisation. To ensure maximum functionality in all light and weather conditions, atto-Systems also developed a special lighting solution and has integrated a heater, ventilation as well as temperature and moisture sensors into the weather-proof outdoor housing.


Based on Vision Components' CARRIDA LPR software and Z series board level camera as well as other OEM components, atto-Systems has created a very economic complete ITS solution for installation on highway and road bridges in Bulgaria that achieves highly precise high-speed recognition.

atto-Systems Ltd.

Founded in 1998 in Sofia, Bulgaria, atto-Systems specialise in developing custom-made, high-value-for-money software for various platforms, with a main focus on industrial image processing. Hundreds of software solutions by atto-Systems are running around the clock in Bulgaria and beyond.

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