Park Management with CARRIDA

Easy-to-integrate automatic parking management system

Access Management in Car Parks and Other Areas with Restricted Access

Parking management systems are essential for access management in car parks and other areas with restricted access or security critical entryways. With CARRIDA PARK, embedded imaging expert Vision Components from Germany has developed a flexible, fully automatic, very fast and precise ANPR system featuring remote access via browser and versatility for integration into a wide range of applications. The stand-alone OEM system is ideally suited for parking management in car parks – public, private, residential or on company grounds such as banks, airports, hotels or ports or shopping malls. It allows for customization and adaptation according to application requirements and works in any weather and lighting conditions.

Screenshot of CARRIDA park management tool dashboard.

Compact, easy-to-integrate stand-alone

Vision Component's OEM solution for park management tasks is easy-to-integrate into any existing barrier systems or infrastructure but can be deployed separate from these as well. The fully automatic stand-alone system comes as an image processing package comprising Vision Component’s own CARRIDA CAMs in combination with a OEM web-based park management software module.

 It allows for comfortable remote access via Web GUI, e.g. from tablets or other handhelds and runs in networks with other park management equipment such as under vehicle scanners (UVSS), ticket printers and barriers. Available hardware interfaces include LAN, I/O, serial communication. Automatic or manual full data logging with a freely selectable 16 GB or larger internal memory card and data transmission via LAN is also enabled. Customers can choose between permanent and trigger mode. 

Automate your parking management

The system detects and reads license number plates on vehicles approaching a barrier or gate and then processes the data. It then refers to a black/white list to determine the license plate's status and decide on a subsequent action on that basis, e.g. opening or closing a barrier or gate or sending a signal for help. 

Detailed lists allow for more than just number plate logging. All collected data is archived and available for statistics and monitoring. In addition, every camera or system is equipped with a real-time-clock to ensure internal data logging with absolutely accurate time stamping.

Screenshot CARRIDA ANPR/ALPR park management tool with live view on details/picture.

Works anytime, anywhere under any condition

CARRIDA parking management solution works 24/7 all year round in any weather or lighting conditions. The high-performance software with a typical recognition accuracy of more than 96% is field-tested and has been proven to consistently achieve high recognition accuracy, even in less than ideal conditions. It reliably identifies even dirty, damaged or skewed number plates and is unaffected by suboptimal or changing lighting conditions. 

On top of that, the software integrates a worldwide ANPR data bank, achieving high recognition rates for number plates all over the world, despite of the challenging plate variations between different countries. Multiple cameras with a master-slave configuration can control all exists and entrances in any given application. The software module allows for control and configuration of all cameras via web tool. 

Board or cased camera

Vision Components offers the CARRIDA PARK software with a board or cased camera. The VC pro Z camera (88 x 58 x 36 mm) is available with IP67 protection class and consumes less than 3 W, making it ideally suited to self-sufficient outdoor applications. The board camera VCSBC nano Z (40 x 65 mm) also consumes less than 3 W and is easy to integrate into small existing housings. Both feature an internal control panel and GUI, image sensors up to 2 MPix and a Dual Core ARM processor with 866 MHz and FPGA. 

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