VCLinux Library Documentation  3.11.2



Always check the program behaviour after installing a new library update!


  • Internal Changes.


  • Fixed visible CPU Cachelines.


  • Enhanced available capture size and step width for FPGA 020C.


  • Fixed Nano3D Z drop of maximum framerate from 179 to 150 introduced at version 3.9.0 of this library.


  • Now supports FPGA 0220.
  • Now supports Sony sensor IMX183CLKJ.


  • Fixed Nano3D Z capture request timeout.


  • Fixed vc_capt_verify() for Nano3D Z types with 1==disableImgIff1.
  • Fixed vc_capt_deinit() for wrong deallocation if 0==senCnt.


  • Now supports FPGA 020C.
  • Improved Sony sensor IMX392 Initialisation.


  • Now supports Sony sensor IMX250LLR.
  • Added function vc_ver_fpga_sen().


  • Added support for new housing type AP.


  • Fixed non-continuous gain (255, 510 and 511) at E2V sensors.


  • Added support for new housing type AO.


  • Fixed step widths for sensor IMX252LLR at the Nano3D Z types.


  • Fixed vc_capt_wait() error due to interrupting signals. If you use a non-default Standard C library linking to a real-time library (-lrt) may be needed from now on.


  • Corrected decentered captures at cameras with 1408 pixel width IMX273* especially the Nano3D Z
  • Fixed non-functional binning on E2V sensors and their binned captures will have full grey value resolution.
  • Fixed multi-headed sony sensor hanging by adding a necessary time delay.
  • Improved stability for all sensors with recent FPGAs.


  • Now supports Sony sensor IMX273LQR.
  • Improved capture image transfer.
  • Fixed hanging on Sony sensor IMX252* by adding a necessary time delay.


  • Now supports Sony sensor IMX392LLR.


  • VC pro-Z LED ring update for max Current.


  • Added support for new housing type AN.


  • Corrected internal validity test.


  • Added support for VC pro-Z with Sony sensor.
  • Added new VC pro-Z IR LED ring types.
  • Fixed vc_capt_wait() error return code to a timeout return code.
  • Fixed wrong stepDy values for E2V color sensors.
  • Fixed stability issue for E2V color sensors: ev76c560act,ev76c570act


  • Added vc_sen_lut_reset() for supporting sensors.


  • Fixed result at Nano3D Z for line selection from bottom (vertical flip).
  • Fixed allowed range test for laserSelectNr on Nano3D Z.
  • Fixed sole binning or subsampling value change to affect x0/y0/dx/dy.
  • Fixed flip change handling at Sony sensors which will now consume 2ms more!
  • Added varying support of Binning and Subsampling at Sony sensors.
  • Added Support for Sony sensor IMX252LQR.
  • Now providing a post-trigger-pre-capture delay by preDelayNs at struct VCSenCfg, needs recent enough bootloader/FPGA version to work.
  • Added convenience macro vc_capt_sen_lut_set_all().
  • Function vc_sen_whitebalance() added.
  • Now supporting nanoZ-LED.


  • Fixed timing issue for flipping on IMX273LLR.


  • Documentation change.


  • Beta version for tests, documentation update follows.
  • The following change marks the lib version as incompatible to older ones:
    • (most users are not affected) Big revision of interface of special cameras: sen->s pointer changes to sen->c union, c as in custom, also VCSenInits sInit pointer changes to cInit union, more migration information is sent to affected users.
    • For Nano3D Z the new encoderPos at the VCSenCaptInfo structure contains the current encoder position.
    • Binning configuration added to sen struct, currently only E2V sensors are activated.
    • Error code enums are combined into VCErrCpt to support interpretation of the return value of function vc_capt_verify().
  • Fixed since v.2.3.1 problem using IMAGE_RGB at sen->img.type, also needs a bootloader update.
  • Added an initialized VCGPioCfg to the VCCamDesc struct.
  • Support for Nano3D Z laser camera.


  • Internal changes.


  • Now supports Sony sensor IMX273LLR.
  • Added support for Carrida PoE/Board Kit solutions.
  • Fixes blacklevel for E2V sensor ev76c570.
  • Fixes representation for color version of E2V sensor ev76c541.
  • Fixes VCSenCfg flash parameter setting non-transfer at vc_capt_init_clone().
  • Added macro vc_libvclinux_check_header_ver() for header version check.
  • Added documentation about common design principles.
  • Fortified example for double buffering and added non-realtime information.
  • Internal changes to E2V sensor ev76c541abt.


  • Now supports Sony sensor IMX252LLR.


  • Now supports color version of E2V sensor ev76c541.


  • Internal release.


  • Fixes Flash duration for the pro Z ring leds to be also limited by request, if the duration would be infinity.


  • Fixed fix noise pattern on E2V sensor 'ev76c541'.


  • The following change marks the lib version as incompatible to older ones: The VCSenCfg Struct has a new entry named flash. You can now set outputs to flash on a per-sensor per-capture basis. The settings of the vcio program will be ORed with the new settings at the flash sensors. Also differing settings of the individual sensors will be logically ORed. The pin direction must be set right, e.g. by the vcio tool, in order to get a flash output signal. Also the FPGA Firmware version must be new enough. The default setting for the flash output is the TrigOut pin to be active, all others inactive. The VCSenCfg Struct has a new entry named flip. You can now set sensor images to be flipped at readout. Supported flip modes for the sensor are listed at the new description parameter flipability. Some sensors may corrupt the first image being recorded after setting the flip parameter to a new value.


  • Subsampling: Forcing Resend of ROI after Change at E2V Sensors.


  • Corrected Timing Error for E2V Color Sensor ev76c570.


  • Corrected Timing Error for Aptina Sensor mt9p031, Board Version 2.0.


  • Color Version of E2V Sensor ev76c570 added.


  • Fixed/Simplified the capture ID range: Now e.g. the cpt->sen->d.v.requestCaptId counts from 0 to +65535, instead of the old range -32768 to +32767 including an exclusion of 0. The capture ID wraps around like before.


  • pro Z Color added.


  • New E2V Sensor ev76c661 added.
  • nano Z Color (non RH Version) added.


  • Speedup at cloning captures.
  • Documentation update w.r.t. initialisation.


  • New E2V Sensor ev76c541 added.
  • Improved handling of physical allocations.
  • Multiple vc_capt_init_raw()s now possible on multi-sensor systems.
  • Relaxed SPI Timer on ev76c560.


  • ABI changed: Added parameters stepDx, stepDy and stepPitch to the VCSenDesc struct, added parameters subsmplX and subsmplY to the VCSenCfg struct.
  • Added Subsampling functionality for the sensors ev76c560 and ev76c570.
  • Improved image quality of ev76c570 sensors.


  • Added Support for Flash Current Configuration for VC pro Z Cameras.


  • Fix for nano Z Dual RH as one head camera version.


  • Added new function to remove all capture requests from queue.
  • Tiny Clock Speedup for E2V Sensors.


  • Initial Support for VC SBC nano Z Dual RH Grey Cameras.


  • Internal improvements.


  • Added a user-initiated sensor image size limitation which results in a better memory usage and a possible image acquisition speed-up.


  • Revocation of 0.14.0 Change: Changed back type of shutter from U64 to U32 (at structs VCSenCfg and VCSenDesc)


  • Added a function named vc_sen_shutter_calculate() to retreive the exact shutter time used for the acquisition.
  • Removed vc_gpio…() printfs on error.
  • maxShutter corrected for some camera types.
  • REVOKED by Version 0.15.0: Changed type of shutter from U32 to U64 (at structs VCSenCfg and VCSenDesc)


  • Split CAMTYPE_NANO_Z_0011_0 up to CAMPTYPE_NANO_Z_0 and CAMTYPE_PRO_Z_0.
  • Added NULL_…-defines for initial settings of structs.
  • Added FPGA and Sensor Hertz Information.
  • Improved deinitialization.


  • Changed Struct Name VCSenExtern to VCSenExternal.
  • Changed Name at VCSenDesc-Struct: type is now typeInit.
  • Improved Sensor Synchronization.
  • Non-SENSYNC_SYNC Check now in vc_capt_init_sen_add().


  • Error code change of function vc_cam_init().
  • User fpga module programming handler fix.
  • Dual head RH added.
  • Fixed vc_capt_init() call (and sowith vc_cam_init()) with VCSenInit=NULL.
  • Added global reset mode switch to VCSenInit struct for supporting devices.


  • Initial Release.