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free VC Trainings

Wednesday, May 6 in Ettlingen
Introduction into Programming of
VC Z Series: VC Linux & FPGA Programming.

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VC Shows

April 15-17
ISC West, booth #35068
in Las Vegas (NV) USA

April 21-23
ParkeerVak, booth #749
in s'Hertogenbosch, NED

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NEW: CARRIDA CAM! The Camera System with Automatic Number Plate Recognition

The high-performance, hardware-independent OEM software is now available as turnkey solution with our new VC pro Z camera models. CARRIDA CAM, probably the world's smallest ALPR/ANPR camera system is perfectly suited for integration into a wide range of surveillance systems. The Carrida ALPR/ANPR software engine is very fast and precise and suitable for use with Windows- or Linux-based mobile or embedded systems. Typical applications include access control, toll and speed control, traffic analysis, and management of transport fleets. Read more...

The new VC Z series with ARM/Linux

New VC Z series with ARM/Linux

At the VISION show in Stuttgart, Germany, we introduced significant innovations concerning our entire product portfolio: From now, the Embedded Systems from VC are also availabe with ARM processors, freely programmable FPGA and Linux® OS. The new VC Z camera series, are available as board cameras and with housing, please click for more information.


VC nano cube dual Smart Camera

VC6210 nano cube dual Smart Camera

The processing unit is in the standard nano housing, to which the sensor heads are connected. VC nano cube dual is based on the VC6210 nano and a cost-efficient solution for example for stereo vision applications where small dimensions and a low weight are essential.

  • one or two remote sensor heads optional
  • measuring 22 x 22 x 22,5mm
  • resolution: 752 x 480 pixel
  • cable lenght up to 3m
  • synchronous image acquisition via trigger
  • 700 MHz DSP with 5600 MIPS computational power

Intelligent Multiple Sensor Camera VCSBC quadro

Smart Camera VCSBC quadro

The VCSBC quadro provides ports for one up to four sensor heads and is thus a cost-efficient platform for all kinds of multi-sensor solutions.
It is, for example, an ideal solution for applications that require a high resolution along the x or y axis, since up to four sensor heads can be installed in a row. The intelligent camera synchronizes overlapping parts of pictures taken by neighboring sensors. It compiles the individual pictures with a 752 x 480 pixel resolution (Wide VGA) into a complete 3.008 x 480 pixel image. The hardware design ensures synchronous operation of all connected sensors: a trigger signal initiates image capture at the exact same instant of time.  Click here for more details.


What is a Smart Camera?

Smart Cameras make image processing possible where space is at premium, because they work without a PC station. The compact and robust housing contains all necessary components. Real time image processing inspections tasks are optimally mastered with VC Smart Cameras. Thanks to the imbedded intelligence, Smart Cameras are often the perfect solution for cost-efficient production at optimal quality. More info...

Standard or customized?

You need an image processing solution for a special application?

In addition to our standard models, customized development is also part of our service. Don't hesitate to contact us and consult our experts with your particular inspection task!


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