VC nano 3D-Z Profile Sensors

Laser Profiler VC nano 3D-Z

Intelligent laser triangulation sensors with high power blue laser.
Insensitive to ambient light up to 100,000 Lux.

3D Laser Profilers

for triangulation applications with blue high power laser

Designed for OEM applications

IP67 Housing for rough environments

blue laser

Insensitive to ambient light

Quick and easy integration

e.g. for angle measurement etc.

Also as kit or components

Choose the right level of integration

Engineered for industrial use

Stand-alone profile sensors with onboard data processing.
The VC nano 3D-Z series combines laser triangulation with high power blue laser and direct analysis of the data in a rugged protective housing.
Versatile and cost-effective
The result of the 2D/3D triangulation can be directly transferred to a central controller, an external PC is then not necessary. The combination of powerful FPGAs with a dual-core ARM processor, which can be used for the specific application tasks, make the VC nano 3D-Z the perfect basis for versatile triangulation applications with a favorable price/performance ratio.
The right profile sensor for every measuring range

Alternatively, the 3D point clouds can also be evaluated on an external PC and with existing applications. The profile sensors are available in different sizes for various measuring ranges.

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VC nano 3D-Z large

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Do you need an individual profile sensor or laser triangulation sensor?

As an OEM partner, we also develop and produce customized solutions, perfectly adapted to your requirements.

Insensitive to ambient light and temperature fluctuations

Advanced Temperature Stability Technology
The laser profilers feature our new Advanced Temperature Stability Technology (ATS). The temperature stability has been improved by the use of special materials for the components.

Ambient Light Suppression Technology

The Ambient Light Suppression Technology (ALST) developed by VC enables measurements with the VC nano 3D-Z laser profilers even at ambient light levels of up to 100,000 Lux. The high insensitivity to ambient light is based on the combination of extremely powerful laser and very short shutter rates. The VC nano 3D-Z not only analyzes the scanned 3D profiles, but can also evaluate the 2D gray-scale image.
Optical angle measurement - Laser profiler VC nano 3D-Z in a sheet metal bending machine - press brake

Measure and control bending angles in press brakes

  • 3D angle measurement in die pressing and other forming processes in metal processing
  • No external computing unit required

Application examples for 2D and 3D laser triangulation

Automatic Guided Robotics
  • High-precision positioning of weld seam and adhesive beads
  • Tracking of gaps, lap joints, fillet welds etc.
  • Effects such as warping or material and position tolerances are automatically adjusted

Volume measurement

  • Volume measurement for food portioning
  • Verifying specific weight
  • Sorting for quality classification

3D Scan

  • Automated handling of production parts
  • 3D scan supports production processes by identifying parts and their correct positioning
  • Parcel scanning in logistics

Weld seam inspection

  • Position and width measurement
  • Defect detection: Defect pictures, i.e. pores/pin holes, arches, dents
  • Parallel processing of 2D + 3D measure-ment
Standard tasks
  • Profile and dimensional measurement: width, thickness, height, angle

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Ready-to-use, individual design, proven electronics or flexible board camera: The laser profile sensor VC nano 3D-Z with modular design is the optimal solution for your OEM application!
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