Measure and Control
Bending Angles

OEM systems for integration into press brakes - autonomous and with direct connection to controls

Measure and Control Bending Angles

OEM systems for integration into press brakes - autonomous and with direct connection to controls

Angle measurement in sheet metal bending: Measurement of the bending angle and real time process adjustment

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"3D angle measurement in die pressing and other forming processes in metalworking enables direct readjustment of the process and thus reduces the production of faulty parts. This increases the productivity and efficiency of plants."

Vision Components offers manufacturers of press brakes and similar applications intelligent systems that check angular accuracy and transfer their measurement results directly and in real time to the machine controller. They do not require an external computing unit - this saves costs and reduces complexity. The connection to a SPS is simple and uncomplicated.
VC nano 3D Z - Optical angle measurement during sheet metal bending - Press brake

The basis of the optical inline inspection system, which can be installed on either side of the die, is the VC nano 3D-Z laser profilers. The compact unit consists of a laser triangulation module and an intelligent camera. It measures the bending angle between the workpiece and the die in real time and compares the values with a programmed reference value. Due to the large detection range, different dies can be covered without having to change the mounting of the laser sensor.

Laser triangulation systems for metal processing

Optimized for
metal processing

For shiny surfaces

Shiny, metallic surfaces place high demands on systems for process and quality control. The VC nano 3D-Z triangulation systems from Vision Components are equipped with a blue high-power laser that is specially optimised for this purpose. They can be used universally for measuring steel, sheet metal and other metals and are also suitable for foiled materials.

Insensitive to ambient light

VC's proprietary Ambient Light Suppression technology makes the laser profilers extremely insensitive to ambient light of up to 100,000 Lux.

High temperature stability

Components around the optics are made from special materials and thus improve temperature stability.

Protected from dust & humidity

A robust IP67-protected housing enables operation under harsh environmental conditions.

These features and the long-term availability of the systems ensure that VC angle measurement sensors are the optimal choice for industrial applications.

Easy system integration

The stand-alone angle measurement systems can be quickly and easily connected to a PLC. Leading control system manufacturers such as Delem, Cybelec and Step Automation and die press manufacturers such as Placke have already prepared their systems for the integration of the sensors.

Tools for mounting and testing

The tools are used for easy sensor testing and mounting on existing machines (PMK - 3 sizes available) and for one-time acquisition of the actual sensor position and functional checks of the sensor (MDT).
Portable Mounting Kit (PMK)
Portable Mounting Kit für die Winkelmessung beim Blechbiegen
Mounting Detection Tool (MDT)
Mounting Detection Tool für die Winkelmessung beim Blechbiegen

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