Mariann Király new Director Business Development

for Vision Components US Office

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Mariann Király, new Business Development Director for Vision Components USA.

Mariann Király joins Vision Components as Director of Business Development for North and South America. She takes over for Endre Tóth who will remain available for customers over an extended handover period and in the future will develop the spin-off Carrida ALPR/ANPR business further.

Mariann Király is an experienced professional in the machine vision and computer vision industry. She previously oversaw the development of LED lighting solutions for vision applications at CCS America, Inc. For five years before joining Vision Components, she was Senior Account Manager at Midwest Optical Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of optics for machine vision. As Director of Business Development, Mariann Király will focus on customer care and acquisition, and overseeing sales and marketing activities.

Vision Components established its US office in 1999, maintaining close partnerships with customers, distributors and service partners in the Americas ever since.

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I'm glad to offer my help in finding the perfect solution for your requirements.

Mariann M. Király
Director of Business Development

Sales Americas
Vision Components US Office

P +1 (802) 725 8351
M +1 (224) 900 0687

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