Optical angle measurement during sheet metal bending in a press brake - Laser profile sensor VC nano 3D-Z

VC at Blechexpo: Presentation and webinar about angle measurement on press brakes

Vision Components presents its solution for angle measurement in metal processingat the Blechexpo fair, held from November 07-11 in Stuttgart. The system is aimed at bending machine manufacturers and distribution partners. It can be integrated quickly and easily, requires no external computing unit, and is already fully calibrated for angle accuracy testing. Leading bending press manufacturers and controller suppliers have already enabled the integration. Vision Components will host a webinar prior to the show as well as a technical presentation live at Blechexpo.

International trade fair for sheet metal working

Stuttgart, Germany, 07 - 10 November 2023

Meet the VC Team: Hall 5, booth 5214

Optical angle measurement during sheet metal bending in a press brake - Laser profile sensor VC nano 3D-Z
Image: Vision Components at the 16th Blechexpo: Booth 5214

Webinar and trade fair presentation on optical angle measurement

On Oct. 24th, the experts for angle measurement will show in two free webinars at 11:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. (CET), which advantages angle measurement offers and how it can be easily and quickly integrated into new and existing systems. Klaus Schneider, VC chief engineer for angle measurement, will be available to answer questions afterwards.

In addition to the webinar, VC Vice President of Sales Jan-Erik Schmitt will present the topics in a technical lecture at Blechexpo.

Technical lecture of optical angle measurement

Jan-Erik Schmitt, Vision Components

Optical angle measurement: Easy integration for machine manufacturers

08. November 2023 from 1:20 to 2:00 PM (CET), BEST Forum hall 9 booth 9315FORUM

Leading manufacturers integrate VC sensors

Optimized for sheet metal bending applications, the VC nano 3D-Z laser sensor has a large sensing range and can cover dies from V6 to V200 with a fixed mounting position, with a typical accuracy of +/- 0.1°. It comes standard in controls from Cybelec, Delem, ESA, Laimore and Step Automation, and only needs to be activated. Press brake manufacturers such as Deratech, Doray and Placke offer the sensors along with their machines. 

Deratech recently unveiled its latest Electra electric sheet metal bending machine, which can also be configured with Vision Components' bending angle sensors to check and adjust the bending angle during the pressing process. 

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