Embedded Vision with RPi & VC MIPI® Camera Modules

Embedded Vision with RPi & VC MIPI® Camera Modules

VC provides MIPI® Raspberry cameras and all necessary components to quickly setup an embedded vision solution with Raspberry Pi® Compute Modules.
Embedded Vision with Raspberry Pi and VC MIPI camera modules

VC MIPI® Camera Modules for Raspberry Pi® and industrial applications

The VC MIPI® Camera Modules were designed based on the connector concept of the Raspberry Pi®. All our MIPI cameras can be used with the Raspberry Pi® Compute Module 3, 3+ or 4. Respective drivers are provided in source code.
Raspberry Pi Board
MIPI camera modules with VC MIPI FPC cables

Greatest variety of MIPI Camera Modules for RPi

VC MIPI® Camera Modules are available with resolutions from 0.3 MPixel to 20 MPixel, in monochrome or color, variants with global shutter, rolling shutter or global reset shutter and with or without trigger functionality. The MIPI camera modules are powered directly via the VC MIPI® FPC cables.

Raspberry Pi® Embedded Vision Kit with MIPI camera

The VC MIPI Embedded Vision Kit features perfectly matching components to setup an industrial embedded vision solution with an Raspberry Pi® Compute Module 3 or 3+. Just click it into the VC Compute Module Interface Board and start the development of your application.

Raspberry Pi® Embedded Vision Kit

VC MIPI Compute Module Interface (CMI) Board for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 and CM 3+
Play video Bild des CMI Boards
Sven Klette-Matzat - Sales Manager - OEM Solutions - Vision Components

Are you setting up an embedded vision solution with RPi and MIPI Cameras?

We’re happy to support you with our know-how, embedded vision components and individual solutions.

MIPI Accessories

Drivers, cables, adapter boards and more, for a quick start into development.