Vision Components and Efinix - FPGA based hardware accelerator VC PowerSom

Hands-on Workshop:
FPGA Programming for Embedded Vision

FPGAs and embedded vision are an ideal combination and with the right tools and know-how, hardware design and programming can be realized quickly, easily and cost-effectively. In a joint workshop, Efinix and Vision Components will present the latest technical developments and principles for design-in and FPGA programming with Verilog. The workshop is aimed at FPGA programmers for advanced training in the field of image processing and at vision experts, who want to expand their skills in the implementation of image processing algorithms on FPGAs.

9:30 – 17:00 Uhr

Ettlingen near Karlsruhe



Embedded Vision - FPGA accelerator VC Power SoM

In the extensive practical part, participants will work with demonstrators based on a Raspberry Pi, the VC Power SoM accelerator board with Efinix Trion FPGA and a VC MIPI® camera module. Based on case studies, they will program their own algorithms for typical applications such as image storage, image improvement, color space conversion and pattern recognition while receiving important tips for the use in their own projects.

23 April 2024, 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

The workshop by Efinix and Vision Components will take place on site at Vision Components in Ettlingen near Karlsruhe. The participation costs 149 € per person. Included in the price are lunch and drinks. Afterwards, the demonstrator can be purchased for an additional charge. The workshop will be held in English.

Overview of the Workshop Topics

The participants of the workshop will learn how FPGAs can be used for demanding tasks in the field of image processing. The focus is on the use of the Efinix Trion FPGA family in combination with the VC Power SoM.

number one

Basic principles of hardware design with FPGA

number two

FPGA programming with Verilog

number three

Algorithms for image processing and image filters

number four

Simulation with iverilog and implementation

Speakers at the Workshop

Michael Engel - Vision Components

Michael Engel, Company Founder and Managing Director Vision Components

Jan-Erik Schmitt - Vision Components

Jan-Erik Schmitt - Vision Components, Vice President of Sales Vision Components

Harald Werner - Efinix

Harald Werner, Managing Director, Senior Sales Director EMEA, EFINIX

Maximilian Werner - Efinix

Maximilian Werner, Field Application Engineer, EMEA, EFINIX

9:30 – 11 am: Welcoming and introduction

  • FPGA technologies for embedded vision
  • Introduction to the Efinix FPGA series
11 – 12 pm: Beginning of the workshop

  • Hardware design with FPGA: synchronous and asynchronous design
    • Control units
    • Synchronizing external signals
    • Timing
  • Programming languages: Verilog, C
    • Syntax and programming style
    • Combinatorial and synchronous instructions
    • Example: counter for flashing LED
  • Parallelism and pipelining
    • Example of a shift register
  • What is a (synchronous) FIFO?
    • Task and function
    • Implementation
  • The AXI stream interface
    • Traps and rules for implementation

12 – 1 pm: Lunch break and catering

12 – 5 pm: Algorithmics and examples

  • Tips for the implementation of algorithms
    • Example: sobel operator
    • Batch-Buffering
    • Counterexample: fall-through implementation
  • Simulation
    • iverilog example
  • VC Power SoM
    • Block diagram, connections
    • Power supply, LEDs
    • Programming
    • DDR3 RAM
    • QSPI Flash
    • Mipi-Interface
    • LVDS-Interface
    • I/O
  • MIPI
    • MIPI-DPhy Low-Power Mode, High Speed Mode
    • Role of the Linux driver
    • The most important MIPI packages FS, FE, RAW8, RGB
  • Case studies
    • Simple image storage
    • Image improvement (median, contrast, sharpness, averaging)
    • Barcode reading (search)
    • Data matrix reading (search)
    • Bayer-to-RGB, color space conversion (ISP functionality)
    • Motion analysis (blob analysis)
    • Pattern recognition (correlation, matching)
    • Stereo (3D epipolar correction)
    • Geometry processor (rectification of fisheye lenses)
    • Stitching
    • Laser profiling (fast finding of lines, COG)
    • Motion analysis
  • Questions & answers, conclusion of the event

About the Companies


Efinix specializes in the development and manufacture of flexible, high-performance FPGAs for use in industry, communications and consumer electronics. The company's innovations include Quantum technology, which offers fast system speeds and high power density due to its flexible routing structure. With the power- and price-optimized Trion series Efinix also offers FPGAs, which are ideal for integration into embedded vision projects thanks to their hard-wired MIPI CSI-2 interface. In addition, the company offers a design environment for FPGA programming with Verilog and VHDL.

Efinix Trion FPGA

Vision Components

Vision Components has been a leading manufacturer of embedded vision systems for over 25 years. The product range includes flexible MIPI camera modules, freely programmable cameras with ARM/Linux and OEM systems for 2D and 3D image processing. The accelerator board VC Power SoM is part of the VC MIPI ecosystem. It is equipped with an Efinix Trion FPGA and enables complex image pre-processing in the MIPI data stream. The VC Power SoM can be integrated as a component directly into the electronic design of a processor board.

FPGA based hardware accelerator VC Power SoM - frontal view

FPGA technology is ideal for numerous embedded vision projects: It combines high computing power and real-time performance with low power consumption and an ultra-compact design. This also enables the processing of complex AI algorithms on edge devices and provides an optimal basis for autonomous robots, quality assurance tasks and automation. Once developed, FPGA algorithms can also be easily ported to new hardware designs, ensuring a high degree of investment safety and reuse of existing development efforts.


Hands-on Workshop: FPGA Programming for Embedded Vision


9:30 – 17:00 Uhr

Ettlingen near Karlsruhe

149 € per participation

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