New high-end sensors with MIPI interface

MIPI camera modules Vision Components integrates additional Sony Pregius® and Starvis® sensors with high image quality, light sensitivity, and frame rates in its VC MIPI® camera modules

New high-end sensors with MIPI interface

We present various new camera modules that combine high image quality and frame rates with the advantages of the MIPI CSI-2 interface and consist of the sensor board and a fully integrated MIPI adapter board. Thereby high-end image sensors from the Sony Pregius® and Sony Starvis® series, which have no native MIPI interface, can be used for flexible embedded vision designs based on popular processor boards.

The low-cost and easy-to-integrate VC MIPI® camera modules come with monochrome or color sensors and are suitable for commercial solutions and long-term available like all VC cameras.

Featuring a 20-megapixel resolution, 4K video, and a global reset shutter, VC MIPI IMX183 is perfect for applications with maximum image quality and speed requirements – including medical and laboratory technology, smart agriculture, and drones. The Sony Starvis® sensor's backside illuminated (BSI) technology ensures high light sensitivity and a wide contrast range. VC MIPI IMX226 and VC MIPI IMX178 with 12 MP and 6.4 MP resolution respectively exhibit the same technologies.

We have integrated a full four Sony Pregius® sensors for applications such as smart traffic monitoring, presence detection, and access control to cover different requirements and price segments. These sensors feature resolution of 5 MP (IMX250, IMX264) and 3.2 MP (IMX252, IMX265). The 250 series offers fast frame rates, such as the IMX252, which reaches 151.4 fps at full resolution. The 260 series, on the other hand, targets price-sensitive applications with lower speed requirements. On request, the sensors are also available as IMX250mZR and IMX264mZR versions with an on-chip polarizer. Two new global shutter camera modules are geared at industrial applications: VC MIPI IMX273 (1.58 MP) and VC MIPI IMX392 (2.3 MP) with 201 fps at 8 bits. Even more VC MIPI® camera modules are already on the road map. In addition, we also encourage requests for specific developments.

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