Webinar: Designing Edge Devices with Cameras

Webinar: Designing Edge
Devices with Cameras –
The Smart Way to
Embedded Vision

Integrating cameras - yes! Extreme development expenses: no! In this webinar, Jan-Erik Schmitt demonstrates how you can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively design an individual embedded vision system for your application and benefit from the latest technologies. In the detailed Q&A section is space for your questions and individual challenges.

Jan-Erik Schmitt
VP of Sales

  • 18 April, 11:30 AM & 5:30 PM (CET)
  • English
  • Online

    You'll take away these
    insights from the webinar:

    How embedded vision has evolved over the last 25+ years, from industrial automation to smart devices
    Which technologies are
    state-of-the-art today and what advantages they offer over
    PC-based systems
    How you can integrate cameras and image processing—and how to find the right balance between individuality and shortest time to market

    Benefit from smart components and advance your project!

    From smart appliances in home and industry to intelligent traffic guidance, autonomous logistics and smart medical applications, stand-alone and interconnected edge-devices will make our lives easier in the future. Embedded Vision is a game changer for the development of these devices. Ultra compact cameras, powerful and energy-efficient embedded processors and latest AI technologies enable detailed data analysis directly on the devices and completely independent from any external PC or other system.

    In this Webinar by VP of Sales Jan-Erik Schmitt, you will learn how Embedded Vision Systems evolved over the last 25+ years and how you can deploy state-of-the-art technology into your projects. He points out the three most efficient ways to integrate Embedded Vision, from flexible MIPI camera modules to complete board-level cameras with onboard processing, to turnkey solutions that can be adapted to different requirements and use-cases.

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