OEM 3D Profile Sensors, individually designed
with VC picoSmart 3D

The smallest embedded vision system and an ideally matched line laser module, completely ready for use or as a modular system.

OEM-Komponente 3D-Laserprofilsensor VC picoSmart 3D mit geöffnetem Gehäuse

Design your ultra-compact and smart OEM 3D laser profile sensor

Perfectly matched components...

für Laserlinienprojektion, Bilderfassung und
Auswertung der Punktwolke…

...Ready-to-use in our housing...

or individually labeled with your branding…

...or as a modular system!

Adaptable for your applications, e.g. bead inspection, profile measurement, etc.

Laser triangulation: with onboard data processing in a miniaturized design

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Precise triangulation

The sensor contains all components for versatile triangulation tasks, from the laser module and Scheimpflug adapter to the 1 megapixel image sensor and the components for real-time image processing.

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OEM module for industry

VC picoSmart 3D is the ideal basis for the fast and cost-effective development of individual OEM 3D sensors. All components are long-term available and optimized for series production.

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Perfect integration

VC picoSmart 3D combines the world's smallest embedded vision system on a single board with our own proven and perfectly matched line laser module.

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Onboard data processing

The VCRT operating system enables real-time image processing onboard, for example for position & object recognition, bead inspection, angle, gap & profile measurement, etc.

3D-Laserprofilsensor VC picoSmart 3D - Rückansicht

Your mini triangulation sensor in a robust housing

Shinobu Minobe: Sales Japan, Vision Components Japan Office

Looking for the perfect basis for your OEM 3D vision sensor?

We are pleased to advise you on your options.