Return of VC products

Loan systems, wrong deliveries, MIPI modules under warranty

Returning conditions

Each camera will be examined after receiving. Considering that the VC Smart Cameras are high-end products, the diagnostic process is very complex.


If returned products and loan systems are improperly damaged, we take the liberty of preparing an account according to the materials input and the expenditure.

The data collected in this form related to person and product are necessary to organize the repair process or the return of goods process. By sending this form you accept voluntarily the data processing for the purpose of repair or return of goods.

Where is your company located?

Lieferadresse für den
Firmensitz innerhalb der EU

Fieger Elektronic GmbH

An der Rossweid 18

76229 Karlsruhe


Delivery address for company headquarters outside the EU

Vision Components GmbH

Ottostraße 2

76275 Ettlingen


Please make sure to use the serial numbers aller im Paket enthaltenen Kameras in der proforma invoice. This will greatly speed up customs clearance.