VCSBC DragonCam

Quad-core Performance in a Compact Design

Ready-to-use Embedded Camera with Snapdragon™ Processor: for more Power, Interfaces and Memory.

VCSBC DragonCam - Ready-to-use embedded camera with Snapdragon quad-core processor

The next Generation of ultra-compact Embedded Vision Systems

Powerful image sensor, interfaces and a Linux processor, perfectly integrated on a board measuring just 65 x 40 mm: for the latest generation of our embedded vision systems, the Snapdragon™ 410 processor teams up with a new memory and interface concept. This provides the Qualcomm® Quad-Core A53 processor with up to 32 GByte eMMC Flash memory. Standard interfaces such as GBit Ethernet and RS-232 are available on the board. 

For fast prototyping with the Snapdragon™ camera, two add-on boards are available that provide the interfaces via conventional sockets.

The fully industrial-grade and long-term available VC DragonCam® series is equipped with the IMX273 global shutter sensor from the Sony® Pregius™ series. The integration of further sensors is already in planning.

VC DragonCam® Feature Overview

Quick facts

  • 1/2.9″ CMOS Sensor, Sony® Pregius™ IMX273
  • Resolution: 1456 x 1088 pixels
  • Frame Rate: > 200 fps
  • Global Shutter
  • Quad-Core ARM A53@1.2 Ghz Snapdragon™ 410 from Qualcomm
  • Super compact: 65 x 40 mm


  • Available as color camera ”C” (Bayer filter) on request
  • Add-on board #1 with SD card slot, serial interface and I²C interface
  • Add-on board #2 with further interfaces like RS232, I²C, DSI, RJ45 Ethernet adapter, power interface
Jan-Erik Schmitt - Managing Director Vision Components

The VC DragonCam® sounds good, but doesn’t fit perfectly? No problem!

We can also customize it to fit your requirements or develop and produce individual OEM cameras.


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